Don’t Just Cover Up, Eliminate Bad Odors

Alma provides the tips your home needs to smell great and remove bad odors

bad odors

When you come home from a long day at work or from running errands, are there bad odors you can’t seem to find? We all have at some point. From trash can odor to the mystery in the frig, we all have something that makes our nose crunch up. The problem comes when you’ve cleaned all of the usual suspects and still cannot locate the odor. Do you need some tips on deodorizing your home? Alma has some useful tips to keep your place smelling great.

#1 Prevention

The best cure for anything, even bad odors, is prevention. The best thing you can do to keep your home smelling great is to keep up the daily cleaning tasks. Regular cleaning of surfaces reduces bacteria, allergens and other odor causing materials.

#2 Get to the Root Cause

Have you ever heard, treat the cause, not the symptoms when speaking of illnesses? It’s true in cleaning as well. The most common mistake people make when cleaning is simply masking the odor. Those nice smelling candles or fragrant room sprays are great “band aids” but don’t remove the odor itself. Once the candle is blown out or the spray fades, the unpleasant smell returns.

#3 Use proven cleaning supplies

There are a lot of cleaning supplies available. The latest and greatest cleaner might work, but chances are, the tried and true cleaners work just as well and probably are better for you and your home. Once of the best deodorizers is baking soda. You know the fluffy white stuff you use to make cookies? That is the same stuff that works wonders for your home’s smell.

Sprinkle baking soda around your home, on floors and furniture. Then vacuum. It’s that simple. Instead of masking odors, baking soda neutralizes them. Baking soda can be hazardous to pets, so make sure they are out of the room when using.

#4 Keep up with laundry

Dirty clothes and shoes are some of the leading causes of odors. From smelly gym socks to wet towels, dirty laundry can make your home smell unpleasant. If your shoes are the cause of the odor, consider leaving them outdoors or adding foot odor products to them.

#5 Take out the trash (and keep the trash can clean)

This one is obvious. Trash cans are full of stinky things, from last night’s fish dinner to Fluffy’s litter box debris. Make sure to remove trash bags as soon as they are full (or sooner when the odor warrants). Removing the cause of the odor does wonders for you home. However, the trashcan itself can be the cause. Overtime, odors can build up in the trashcan itself and will need to be dealt with. The easiest way to clear the inside of a trashcan is to sprinkle baking soda in the inside of the can and let stand for a few minutes. This will absorb the odors and their causes in most cases. Then empty the trashcan into a trash bag and wipe out. If you need additional cleaning, take the trashcan outside and use the strongest setting on your garden hose to finish the cleaning process.

#6 Take care of Fido and Fluffy (A.K.A. the pets)

Pet owners know that pets are a lot of work. Especially, keeping them clean and healthy. Fido and Fluffy can add their own odor to any home. Make sure litter boxes and cages are kept clean. Don’t just cover it up. Remove soiled litter or cage liner and clean them thoroughly. Don’t forget to wash the pet beds in your home as well.

#7 Keep the kitchen clean

There are a few small things that will greatly impact the way your home smells. Dirty dishes sitting in the sink or in the dishwasher will cause an odor and not a nice one. Also, standing water in the dishwasher or sink can also cause a musty odor to form. Make sure to clean dishes and the sink/dishwasher regularly. Change out your dishrag or sponge often. These wet surfaces are a breeding ground for odors (and germs)! Keep the refrigerator clean as well and remove expired and aged foods regularly. A moldy fruit or vegetable can be the “mystery smell” permeating your home. Also, watch for unrefrigerated produce. Potatoes and other root vegetables are known for producing an odor when they spoil.

#8 Wash your walls

This job may sound hard, but it really isn’t. See our more detailed blog post here.

#9 Clean air vents and ducts

Most choose to hire a cleaning professional for this job. Maid services can be a great option for those not wanting to tackle this larger task, but it can be a DYI job. See our more detailed blog post here.

#10 Open your windows

This is an easy step, but one that works miracles. Opening your home’s windows and allowing fresh air to flow through your home can not only make your home smell better but also feel better.

Still smell something?

If you’ve tried the tips above and still find yourself with a foul odor, call the professionals. Maid services can provide the detailed and effective cleaning services your space requires. Contact Alma (Link) today for a personalized quote on getting your home looking and smelling great.

 Don’t Just Cover Up, Eliminate Bad Odors