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What You Need to Know Before Hiring a Cleaning Service

Cleaning service Are you considering hiring a cleaning service for your residence or business? Have you hired services in the past, but weren’t happy with the results? Cleaning services can be a great investment, not only for your home or business but for your piece of mind. Here are a few tips for residential or commercial cleaning service.

Interview Multiple Cleaning Services

By interviewing multiple service providers,

bad odors

Don’t Just Cover Up, Eliminate Bad Odors

Alma provides the tips your home needs to smell great and remove bad odors

bad odors When you come home from a long day at work or from running errands, are there bad odors you can’t seem to find? We all have at some point. From trash can odor to the mystery in the frig, we all have something that makes our nose crunch up. The problem

Cleaning Hacks

Don’t Get Stuck with the Wrong Commercial Office Cleaning Company

How to Avoid the Wrong Commercial Office Cleaning Company

Cleaning Hacks Like many business owners, you have probably thought of hiring a commercial office cleaning company. A professional to take care of your office cleaning needs would come in handy. There are many advantages to hiring a commercial office cleaning company. From handling your day to day, weekly or other cleaning tasks, they can be helpful. A clean and

Did You Clean That?

house cleaning service

The Art of Cleaning the Forgotten Spaces and When to Hire a House Cleaning Service Provider

Cleaning is a task that most people believe they can tackle. It is common sense really… or is it? The art of cleaning is lost on some or maybe it’s just forgotten. Some choose to hire professionals to handle their house cleaning service needs. If you want to

Making Office Cleaning Easy

office cleaning Offices are busy, efficient, and often messy. From stacks of paper on desks to scuffed floors, business owners and office managers have their hands full with keeping their spaces clean. Cleaning an office and keeping it tidy can be expensive and time consuming, but it doesn’t have to be. Alma’s Cleaning Services has a few great tips for office cleaning. #1 Post -It notes

When You Know It’s Time to Hire a Cleaning Professional

Alma’s Tips on How to Tell It’s Time to Hire a Cleaning Professional

Cleaning Professional

Whether you’re a business owner or college student, our lives are busy. Responsibilities and “have to’s” can take over every minute of the day. Keeping your business or home clean is one of those “have to’s”, but they don’t have to be your “have to”. Cleaning professionals have the

Why Pet Owners Love Alma

Why Pet Owners Love Alma

And Alma Loves Pet Owners Too!

If you’re one of the 60% of US homes that have a pet, you know how much work it is to care for (and clean up after) those four legged family members. That’s why pet owners love Alma. Alma’s Cleaning Services understands the needs of pets and their two legged loved

Cleaning for Valentine’s Day from Alma’s Cleaning Services

Valentine's Day   Valentine’s Day is almost here. Most couples are thinking of gifts like chocolates, fancy dinners and jewelry. Many couples head out to the busy restaurants and fight the crowds at the multiplex theater for their romantic evening.  However, there are some who choose to skip all of that and stay home. Are you one of those couples? If you are, you

Winter Cleaning Tips

Winter Cleaning

Let Alma Help You with Your Winter Cleaning List

Winter will be here before you know it. It may already feel like winter in your neck of the woods. Winter cleaning is probably the last thing on your mind with all of the other events and gatherings that will be taking place over the next few weeks. However,

Alma’s Tips: Effectively Clean Floors

How to effectively clean floors without breaking the bank (or your back)

effectively clean floors Floors can be one of the most expensive and harder parts of a home or business to clean. What cleaner works on one type of floor and may not work on another type or worse yet, completely ruin it. Add on the cost of chemicals and equipment and the