How To Clean Your House Without Wasting Your Entire Day

Who Wants to Spend Their Entire Day Cleaning Anyways?

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Are you tired of spending your entire day on cleaning your house? Do you want to keep your home clean like in those magazines without sacrificing your social life? Alma’s Cleaning Services has decided to share some tips on how to keep your house clean less than 30 minutes a day.

Shred it, file it, or trash it

Everyone has mail, art projects, homework assignment, and other miscellaneous paper that enters the home on a daily basis. It is easy to let the items stack up or be shoved into drawers. The trick is dealing with the items that moment they enter the home. Get in front of the issue and not behind it.

We suggest setting up a home command center where it is convenient to catch these items. In some homes, the kitchen or mudroom may be the best place since it is located off of the garage. In other homes, the living room or foyer is the main access point to the home and is the most convenient place to set up a command center for all things paper.

The command center does not have to be grand by any means. It just must be organized and make sense for your family’s needs. Here are a few items that every effective command center should have.

  • A small trash can. This is number 1 on the list for a reason. Most of the junk that comes into your home is just that, junk. Toss it!
  • Shredder. Sometime mail or other papers may not be needed, but they have important information. Keeping a shredder close by will make sure that you get rid of the clutter, without giving thieves information that they can use against you.
  • Filing mechanism or “to be filed” bin. Notice that I did not say “filing cabinet”. Although filing cabinets are great, they are not always necessary. Local office supply stores or even big box stores offer “filing totes” or “filing boxes” that can be stored in a garage, attic, or offsite storage facility. Another option is to scan your items into a computer and shred/toss the originals. This is my favorite option for items that I don’t necessarily need the original of.
  • “Mailboxes” for those in your family. This is optional depending on the family. Some have extended family living in one home or have business and personal mail. Having little cubbies for each family member allows everyone to know when they have items to look at.

Return everything to its place.

This is probably the most known advice, but it’s also the hardest to follow through with. Mothers and grandmothers have been instructing us that “there’s a place for everything and everything should be in its place”, but how many of us have stuck to this solid advice? This may seem dated, but if you can get in a habit of returning items like dvd’s, shoes, and toys to their place, your house will look so much cleaner without a lot of effort. We promise you!

Keep the sink and countertops empty

No one likes doing dishes, but doing them often can save you a lot of headache. Doing dishes after every meal keeps your sink clear, which makes you feel better about your kitchen. Another trick is keeping those countertops clear from clutter and wiped down. Get in a habit of wiping down countertops after the dishes are done and putting small appliances back in their places (see #2) and you will see a clean, uncluttered kitchen in no time!

No more “Laundry day”

If you spend your entire Saturday on laundry, you need a new strategy. Say goodbye to a laundry day and hello to freedom! We’re not saying to go around with dirty clothes or pay someone else to clean your clothes. We mean forget about a designated day of the week for laundry. Instead, do a load of laundry whenever you have one to do. Throw in a load before you start dinner or do the dishes and fold your laundry while you watch your favorite late night television show. Why not wash a load when you get up to let the dog out or check on the kids? If you do a little laundry each day, you won’t even notice!

*Another tip is to keep hangers in your laundry room so that you can hang items as you pull them from the dryer. This eliminates the need for ironing and makes putting laundry away a breeze!

Take it on a little at a time

Keeping surfaces clean can be a big job. From windows to end tables, our surfaces can get dingy and dusty. Each time you are in a room choose one surface to wipe down, vacuum or mop. You will be surprised at how quickly you can clean a bathroom if you take this approach.

Keep cleaning supplies close for convenience. If you have to walk across the house to get a rag and cleaner, it defeats the purpose of cleaning a surface when you enter a room. Keep your vacuum, broom and mop in a centrally located place for easy retrieval and don’t forget the dustpan and mop bucket.

Make a “big cleaning task” schedule and enlist helpers

We all have “big cleaning tasks” to do; from spring cleaning to cleaning the garage. These types of task could take up an entire day or even more, but making a schedule will help you keep organized and stay on task. Break up big tasks over a few days or even weekends to reduce stress and free you up for some fun things too. Enlist friends and family to pitch in and pay them with food or by letting them take home stuff that they find (and that you no longer want). Make an event out of it. I know of people who throw a garage cleaning BBQ cookout or a pizza spring cleaning party. Be creative and most of all, get your clean on.

We hope that these tips help you keep your house clean without cleaning your social calendar. Remember, cleaning is important, but not as important as you. Happy cleaning!

 How To Clean Your House Without Wasting Your Entire Day