The Alma Difference

The More Personal Commercial Cleaning Service

At Alma’s Cleaning Services, we offer many commercial cleaning services for your organization, both interior and exterior. From single office spaces to entire commercial buildings, no commercial space is too small or two large for our team. Allow us the privilege of assisting you and your organization with your commercial cleaning needs.

We understand that there are many experienced and professional cleaning services available today. How is Alma’s Cleaning Services different from the others? Simple, we’re not a big, impersonal janitorial company. We believe in providing a value not typically provided to commercial customers, a personal level of service.

We strive to not only be your commercial cleaning service provider, but also, we are dedicated to being your partner. When your commercial space is clean and tidy, it projects a professional, organized, and friendly image. We want to help you show your clients and customers how well you will care for their needs, by taking care of yours.

Our commercial cleaning services are thorough, professional, and efficient, but with a personal touch. We want to know you and your employees on a professional and personal level. We believe that when there is a personal investment, people tend to be more invested professionally. Therefore, we are dedicated to making your commercial space shine.

What We Offer

Our services range from simple window cleaning to complete office building cleaning and everything in between. Our complete cleaning services are not simply the typical wiping down of counters, replacing toiletries, and emptying waste baskets. We provide thorough cleaning to insure your space doesn’t just appear clean; it is clean.

Alma’s Cleaning Service is a more personal cleaning service. Therefore we are able to have greater attention to detail and give our clients the best value for their money. We understand keeping overhead costs low helps the bottom line. Because of this, we know how important it is to keep efficiency high on our priority list. You shouldn’t have to pay for inefficiency or low quality commercial cleaning services.
We know that every customer is different, with different requirements and preferences. We provide completely customizable commercial cleaning and janitorial services, based on the needs of our customers.


Alma’s Cleaning Services strives to be the first choice for commercial cleaning customers. Whether you require a single office cleaned or an entire office building cleaned, Alma is the right office cleaning service provider. Our devotion to Alma clients is obvious as shown through our diligence and care. Our office cleaning services can include:

  • Vacuuming
  • Cleaning/dusting of office/meeting/common areas
  • Office trash/waste basket removal
  • Interior and exterior of windows (*First floor exterior only)
  • Tile cleaning
  • Sweep debris in the Commercial Office Building
  • Cleaning of office bathrooms (i.e. mopping floors, scrubbing the sinks and stalls of bathrooms, replenishing soap and paper products)

This is by no means a comprehensive list. If there are specific cleaning requirements for your office that do not appear above, please give us a call and Alma will provide a customized service estimate to meet your needs. Since Alma began Alma’s Cleaning Services, she and her cleaners have been dedicated to making everything feel like family. This doesn’t stop with the business owner or employees either. Do you have an office pet? Do they need a little extra care? Just let Alma know. We would be happy to clean their dishes or empty the litter box. We’re here to serve them too.


Retail spaces are high traffic and high visibility, so there are no cutting corners in keeping these spaces clean. Alma has extensive experience with cleaning retail spaces and understands the special cleaning needs of them. An unclean retail space is a red flag to consumers, so detailed and comprehensive cleaning services are a must for these spaces. Alma’s difference is the attention to detail. Retail services include (but are not limited to):

  • Vacuuming/sweeping
  • Cleaning/dusting
  • Trash removal/replacement of trash bags
  • Interior and exterior of windows (*first floor exterior only)
  • Mopping/tile cleaning
  • Cleaning of retail bathrooms (i.e. mopping floors, scrubbing the sinks and stalls of bathrooms, replenishing soap and paper products)

Real Estate/Rental

Real estate and rental spaces particularly require deep cleaning. These spaces are under inspection by prospective buyers or renters on sometimes a daily basis. A dingy bathroom or dusty light fixture can be the difference between the prospect signing an agreement and them walking out of the door. Alma has kept homes and apartments looking their best for many years and she can help your real estate and rental spaces look their best too. Our real estate/rental services include:

  • Move In/Move Out Cleaning – This service includes deep cleaning of all spaces, including; kitchen, bathrooms, and even closets.
  • Daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly upkeep/maintenance cleaning.
    • Perfect for homes on the market that you need to keep looking great!

Service Area

Alma’s Cleaning Service currently provides commercial cleaning services in Corona and the surrounding area.

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