Don’t Get Stuck with the Wrong Commercial Office Cleaning Company

How to Avoid the Wrong Commercial Office Cleaning Company

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Like many business owners, you have probably thought of hiring a commercial office cleaning company. A professional to take care of your office cleaning needs would come in handy. There are many advantages to hiring a commercial office cleaning company. From handling your day to day, weekly or other cleaning tasks, they can be helpful. A clean and organized office can increase productivity and even boost morale. Additionally, the appealing office space speaks volumes to current and potential customers and can improve your revenue.

If you’ve decided to hire a commercial office cleaning company, there are a few things that you will need to remember when choosing a service provider.

#1 Request references

This may seem an obvious step for choosing a commercial office cleaning service provider. Request references from past clients with equivalent size spaces and needs. If your office space is 5000 square feet, you may not want to just look at a reference from a 500-square foot storefront space. The needs of that client will differ greatly from yours. Just because a commercial office cleaning company can handle the demands of a 500-square foot storefront, they may be over their heads with a 5000-square foot office space.

#2 Reviews matter

Additionally, make sure the cleaning service provider has ample good reviews. There will always be a customer that was not fully satisfied, so don’t write off a company simply on one bad review. If you notice that the good outweigh the bad by a good amount, the company is probably worth working with. Resources like Google+ and Yelp are great places to start looking for reviews.

#3 Ask about the employees

Contact any potential commercial office cleaning company and request applicable information about their employees. Request information like training, experience, and other qualifications important to you. Additionally, make sure that all cleaning staff has proper background checks and insurance coverage. After all, the cleaning professionals entering your space will probably be there when others are not. You need to protect your company and your clients’ sensitive information.

#4 Techniques and Tools

This one may not be on the top of everyone’s list, but it is important to most. Request information regarding the techniques and tools that the company uses in their commercial cleaning jobs. This will help you determine if commercial office cleaning company utilizing equipment or chemicals that could damage your space instead of cleaning it. Also, if you have employees susceptible to certain cleaning chemicals, it’s best that you know about the potential use of those chemicals.

#5 Request a written quote

Most replicable companies will offer a written quote to any potential client. By providing a written quote, the commercial office cleaning service provider is showing they are confident in their ability to stick to the budget agreed upon. Although you want to obtain the best “deal”, it is more important to choose the right company for your space. Like the old saying goes, “You get what you pay for.” This saying is true. Do not choose the most expensive option either. A high price does not always correspond with the highest quality. Once you have reviewed items 1 through 4, you should have a good understanding of who you want to do business with. A quote just allows you to make your decision.

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 Don’t Get Stuck with the Wrong Commercial Office Cleaning Company