Top 5 Tips for Finding the Perfect Cleaning Crew

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Not All Cleaning Crews Are Created Equal

If you own a business, you know that when you’re in need of a professional, quality cleaning crew, it can affect more than one might think. Effective and efficient cleaning professionals can make your place of business shine and make you and your customers feel like a million bucks while doing it. The problem is, how do you find that one in a million cleaning crew?

Alma’s Cleaning Services understands the needs of businesses, both small and large. If your business is in the Corona, California or surrounding areas, you have the ability to take advantage of our incredible services, but what if your business is located in Miami, Florida or Albany New York? Alma still has you covered! We have compiled the top 5 tips for finding the perfect cleaning crew.

#5 Money talks, but green cleaning talks louder

Cleaning companies of today are greener than ever. With the push for energy efficient everything and reducing our carbon foot prints, cleaners are no exception to the green movement. Many cleaning businesses are giving up their harsh chemicals for earth friendlier options that still do the job. Even large cleaning supply manufactures are getting into the green scene with natural, yet powerful alternatives. Although this is not high on the perfect cleaning crew list for all businesses, it may be for yours. If it is, find a cleaning crew with experience with these products or at least a willingness to go green for your business.

#4 Size doesn’t matter

Although, some businesses may need a larger crew to complete special cleaning projects, this is not always the case. Never disregard a cleaning service solely on the number of maids available. If the cleaning professionals are effective, efficient, and fast, they may not need a huge team to make an office, store front, or warehouse shine. In fact, that is a sign of a great cleaning crew. If a small cleaning crew has a great reputation for results, it says that they work well together enough to warrant a smaller crew which can save you money.

#3 Transparency is key

Why transparency? First, let’s define what the term transparency means. Transparency is the condition of being transparent; having clearness, clarity, openness, accountability, and straightforwardness. With that definition, we are sure you can see why transparency made our list. The perfect cleaning crew will be upfront about the process, the chemicals they use, their policies, and of course, their fees. If the company that you are reviewing is hesitant to give you these items in writing, walk away. You should never have to guess at or jump through hoops for details on a service you’re paying for.

#2 Followers are great, but a Client is better

With the age of social media and YouTube stars, it seems that the number of followers one has is more important than the number of clients. If you’re researching cleaning services and notice that ABC Cleaning down the street has a small number of Twitter followers and “BigCo” Cleaning downtown has 100 thousand, don’t assume that “BigCo” is the way to go. Always check out what past and current clients are saying, not just how many likes their picture of a cat riding a vacuum cleaner is getting this week. There’s a reason that referrals are still the top (and most repeat) generator of leads for businesses in any industry.

#1 Personalization is King

What do we mean by personalization? Simply put, it is personalized service that goes beyond the “one size fits all” mentality and customizes services to meet the explicit needs of the client. Do you have an office cat and need the litter box cleaned? Of course they’ll handle that for you! Do you have employees with scent allergies? They’ll use non-perfumed cleaners. Cleaning companies that go above and beyond to insure that personalized services are offered are the crews that make hiring a professional cleaning service worth the funds and the effort.

 Top 5 Tips for Finding the Perfect Cleaning Crew