Cleaning for Valentine’s Day from Alma’s Cleaning Services

Valentine's Day


Valentine’s Day is almost here. Most couples are thinking of gifts like chocolates, fancy dinners and jewelry. Many couples head out to the busy restaurants and fight the crowds at the multiplex theater for their romantic evening.  However, there are some who choose to skip all of that and stay home. Are you one of those couples? If you are, you know that setting a mood for romance does not include a pile of dirty laundry in the corner and dirty dishes in the sink. A clean (and nice smelling) home is essential.

Husbands may not care if there is an inch thick of dust on the electronics, but trust us, wives do.

The question is how do you get the home clean and still have time to enjoy the evening? Here are some tips on setting the mood with a clean home.

1.    Do a fast (under 1 hour for most homes) clean sweep of the rooms you will see. This is not the time to reorganize the closets. No one will care if the pantry is disorganized either. Simply think of a beautifully done hotel room and dining hall. Everything should be neat, tidy and uncluttered. Clutter is not romantic. 

Eliminate anything that can be seen that isn’t necessary. Do you really need all of those TV remotes and books setting out? Probably not. Don’t forget those toys your kids left out either. They don’t need them since their at grandma’s house for the evening.  Simply removing clutter will instantly make your home feel more comfortable. Keep your focus where it belongs, on making your space inviting and relaxing. The more relaxed, the more you (and your mate) can focus on one another.

2.      Use mild smelling cleaners. This is not the time to use bleach or ammonia. Use citrus or lite scented cleaners. Dry dust if possible. Using overpowering cleaners can be a deterrent to romance, not an aphrodisiac.

3.      Set the table with a white, dark red or black tablecloth. This is not the time for any overly colorful or patterned table cloth. Stick with solid color dishes as well. Think of a high end restaurant, not a kid’s Valentine’s Day party.

4.      When it comes to meal prep, think convenience. Use disposable cookware when possible. Unless you have a dishwasher that you can use to quickly hide the mess.

5.      Lastly, hire a professional to do all of the cleaning while you run out for takeout and a good rental movie. Valentine ’s Day is not about gifts, food, or even a clean house. It’s about you and your better half.

Happy Valentine’s Day from Alma’s Cleaning Services. Call us today at 951-263-8841 or email us for a quote on getting your home looking its best.

 Cleaning for Valentine’s Day from Alma’s Cleaning Services