Winter Cleaning Tips

Winter Cleaning

Let Alma Help You with Your Winter Cleaning List

Winter will be here before you know it. It may already feel like winter in your neck of the woods. Winter cleaning is probably the last thing on your mind with all of the other events and gatherings that will be taking place over the next few weeks. However, getting your home ready for winter is not something that should be put off for another day. It is easy to allow those winter “to-dos” to pile up, but Alma has a must do list for anyone living in areas effected by what winter brings. Not all are cleaning related, but they are still pretty important.


Many in the northern states (and even in some of the southern ones) may be lucky enough to have a fireplace in the home. These useful and beautiful additions can help keep toes toasty and the heating bill down. However, they can also be a safety hazard. It is a must to have a chimney thoroughly cleaned (and by a professional is preferable). An un-cleaned chimney can lead to devastating home fires.

Central Heat/Furnaces

It’s a great idea to have your central heat unit or furnaces checked before the really cold days of winter creep up. No one wants their heat out in the middle of winter. Most service providers are very reasonable, so there’s no excuse to head off an issue before the white, cold stuff makes an appearance.

Snow Blowers/Snow Shovels

Clean your snow blowers and snow shovels and check for any issues/defects. Before the snow hits is the best time to repair or replace these items since once the snow’s there, it may be hard to locate a replacement or get a repairmen. * This is also the best time to stock up on a few bags of road salt to melt any ice that may come your way.


Since you’ll be expecting guests over the next few weeks, why not clean out your pantry’s and closets to make sure you don’t have expired items and all the “must haves” are in stock. Make sure you have extra toiletries for guests and the ingredients for everyone’s favorite holiday snacks. This is also a great time to purchase towels and extra linens that you may need with all of the holiday sales.

Don’t forget to match up all of those gloves and mittens while you’re cleaning out the closets. They might come in handy when you go caroling. Lastly, clean your boots and spray them with a protectant. If they need to be repaired, make sure to get that done quickly.

Table Clothes, Napkins, and Bed linens

Before guests arrive (and the snow too) get those table clothes, napkins, and bed linens cleaned, especially if they need to be professionally cleaned. No one wants to fight holiday traffic to get dry cleaning. Take care of it now.

We hope Alma’s list helps you conquer the winter cleaning blues. If you’re in the Corona, Norco, Eastvale, or Riverside, California, let Alma’s Cleaning Services handle your cleaning needs instead. Alma can provide a FREE estimate personally. Call Alma today at 951-263-8841.


 Winter Cleaning Tips